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                  考試吧 2019-06-20


                  1.Drug abusing may have some side effects on one's health; however, it is not always ________ if he stops it timely.

                  A.permanent B.temporary

                  C.avoidable D.beneficial

                  [解析]permanent 永久的。句意:濫用毒品對健康有副作用;然而,如果及時停止副作用并非總是長久的。temporary 暫時的;avoidable 可避免的;beneficial 有益的。


                  2.—Credit cards are ________ useful when travelling.

                  —True. They save us the trouble of taking too much cash.

                  A.finally B.nearly

                  C.hardly D.particularly

                  [解析]particularly 尤其,特別地。句意:信用卡在旅行時尤其有用。


                  3.When we put the suggestion to him, he thought highly of it and was ________ about its immediate application.

                  A.curious B.content

                  C.cautious D.enthusiastic

                  [解析]be enthusiastic about 對……熱心。curious 好奇的;content 滿足的;cautious 謹慎的。


                  4.The captain ordered his men to save only essential supplies before the ship sank, ________ the food, cooking equipment, candles, bedding and clothes.

                  A.specially B.exactly

                  C.particularly D.entirely

                  [解析]句意:船長命令手下人搶在船下沉前只去拯救必需品,尤其是食物,炊具,蠟燭,寢具和衣物。particularly 意為 特別地;specially 特殊地;exactly 的確,確切地;entirely 完全地。


                  5. Glasses are ________ and must be handled with great care.

                  A. heavy B. smooth

                  C. flexible D. fragile

                  [解析]句意:玻璃是易碎品,要輕拿輕放。heavy 重的;smooth 熟練的;flexible 靈活的,可彎曲的;fragile 易碎的。由句意可知D項正確。


                  6.The students in the international school are encouraged to voice whatever opinions they have and question authority, which helps to develop their______ thinking.

                  A.cautious B.casual

                  C.careful D.critical

                  [解析]critical 批判的。cautious 謹慎的;casual 隨便的;careful 小心的。


                  7.What was considered impolite years ago has become ________ now.

                  A. accessible B. adjustable

                  C. unbelievable D. acceptable

                  [解析]句意:多年前認為不禮貌的事情現在已經可以接受了。accessible 可進入的,可接近的;adjustable 可調整的;unbelievable 不可思議的;acceptable 可接受的。由句意可知D項正確。


                  8.—What do you think of the concert?

                  —There was nothing special; it was only ________.

                  A. average B. usual

                  C. normal D. common

                  [解析]句意:—你認為演唱會怎么樣?—沒什么特別之處,一般。average (智力、表現等)一般的;平均的;usual 通常的;normal 正常的;common 常見的,普通的,共有的。由句意可知A項正確。


                  9.Actually, there are lots of jobs ________ in the western part of China.

                  A. available B. accessible

                  C. adorable D. admirable

                  [解析]句意:事實上,中國西部有許多工作機會。available 可獲得的,可得到的;accessible 可進入的,可到達的;adorable 值得愛慕的,可愛的;admirable 令人敬佩的;極其出色的。由句意可知A項正確。


                  10.Your letter will get ________ attention! They know you're expecting the answer.

                  A. careful B. common

                  C. instant D. general

                  [解析]句意:你的來信會馬上得到關注!他們知道你在盼著回復。careful 小心的,認真的;common 常見的,共有的;instant 立刻的,馬上的;general 大體的,一般的。由句意可知C項正確。


                  11.When the weather is fine, watching TV all day is not a ________ way to spend your time.

                  A. worth B. sensitive

                  C. worthwhile D. convenient

                  [解析]worth 值得的,只作表語;sensitive 敏感的,過敏的;worthwhile 值得的,作定語或表語;convenient 方便的。由句意和句中所缺成分可以知道C項正確。


                  12. Just like fingerprints, each person's DNA is ________ unless he has a twin.

                  A. unusual B. normal

                  C. various D. unique

                  [解析]句意:就像指紋一樣,除非有孿生兄弟姐妹,要不然一個人的DNA也是獨一無二的。unusual 不同尋常的;normal 正常的;various 各種各樣的;unique 獨特的,獨一無二的。由句意可知D項正確。


                  13.His knowledge of French was ________ for the job, although he was not fluent in the language.

                  A. adequate B. abstract

                  C. available D. appropriate

                  [解析]句意:他的法語知識對這份工作來說足夠了,雖然他法語講得不流利。adequate 足夠的,可勝任的;abstract 抽象的;available 可達到的,可獲得的;appropriate 合適的,恰當的。由句意可知A項正確。


                  14. The problem is how ________ the drug abuse remains in America.

                  A. regular B. practical

                  C. severe D. obvious

                  [解析]句意:問題是在美國濫用毒品是多么嚴重。regular 慣常的,有規律的;practical 實用的;severe 嚴重的;obvious 明顯的。由句意可知C項正確。


                  15. Many students find ________ jobs during their summer holidays to obtain some working experience.

                  A. permanent B. comfortable

                  C. temporary D. stable

                  [解析]句意:許多學生在暑假期間找臨時工作以獲得一些工作經驗。permanent 永久的;comfortable 舒服的;temporary 臨時的,暫時的;stable 穩固的。由句意知C項正確。


                  16. The zoo worker told the visitors that in the case of a highly ________ animal, performance training is easy and not so painstaking.

                  A. intelligent B. interactive

                  C. internal D. initial

                  [解析]句意:動物園工作人員告訴游客,在碰到高智商動物的情況時,訓練表演很容易,不那么費勁。intelligent 聰明的;interactive 相互作用的,相互影響的;internal 內部的,里面的;initial 開始的,最初的。由句意可知A項正確。


                  17.—What do you think of investing in today's stock market?

                  —There are many risks, but also many ________ gains.

                  A. potential B. confidential

                  C. influential D. preferential

                  [解析]句意:—你認為投資現今的股票市場怎么樣?—有許多風險之處,但也有潛在的獲利機會。potential 潛在的;有潛能的;confidential 機密的;機要的;influential 易受影響的;preferential 優先的,優待的,優惠的。由句意可知A項正確。


                  18.________, the boys were shouting and singing.

                  A. Happy and excited B. Happily and excited

                  C. Happily and excitedly D. Happy and excitedly

                  [解析]句意:既高興又興奮,男孩子們又喊又唱的。分析結構可知,此處用形容詞作狀語,表示主語 the boys 的狀態,故A項正確。


                  19.After climbing up the top of the mountains, the three of them sat there, ________.

                  A. hungry and tiredly B. hungrily and tiredly

                  C. hungry and tired D. hungrily and tired

                  [解析]句意:爬到山頂之后,他們三個坐在那,又累又餓。由語境可知,此處是形容詞作狀語,表示主語 the three of them 所處的狀態,故C項正確。


                  20.After the long journey, the Smiths returned home, ________.

                  A. safely but tired B. safe but tired

                  C. safe and tiring D. safely and tiring

                  [解析]句意:長途旅行過后,史密斯一家回來了,安全但很疲憊。由語境可知,此處應用形容詞作狀語,表示主語 the Smiths 的狀態,故選B項。C項 tiring 不能修飾人。


                  21.His first book is of great use for our course. But his latest one is ________ worth reading.

                  A. better B. more

                  C. much D. very

                  [解析]句意:他的第一本書對我們很有用。但他最近的這一本更值得一讀。be well worth doing 很值得做某事,well 的比較級為 better,故A項正確。


                  22.The Chinese women's volleyball team was the champion in the 16th Asian Olympic Games but the Korean women's volleyball team was only ________ beaten.

                  A. nearly B. narrowly

                  C. hardly D. slightly

                  [解析]句意:中國女子排球隊是第16屆亞運會的冠軍,但韓國女子排球隊險些勝利。nearly 接近;narrowly 險些,差點兒;hardly 幾乎不;slightly 稍微,略微。be narrowly beaten“勉強被打敗”,言外之意是“差點贏了”。


                  23.—What time do we have to be at the gate of the museum?

                  —________ the visitors begin to check in.

                  A.Immediately B.Quickly

                  C.Hurriedly D.Gradually

                  [解析]immediately 引出時間狀語從句,意為一……就……。


                  24.It's likely that she will be______ from punishment, as our teacher has been convinced by her excuse.

                  A.absent B.distant

                  C.distinct D.desperate

                  [解析]be absent from 逃脫……。


                  25. On snowy days, you have to drive very ________ to avoid traffic accidents.

                  A. cautiously B. neatly

                  C. smoothly D. properly

                  [解析]句意:在下雪天,你得小心翼翼開車以避免交通事故。cautiously 小心謹慎地;neatly 整潔地;smoothly 順利地,平穩地;properly 合適地,恰當地。由句意可知A項正確。


                  26.She not only entered the competition—she ________ won it!

                  A. hopefully B. especially

                  C. actually D. exactly

                  [解析]hopefully 有希望地;especially 特別,尤其;actually 事實上,竟然;exactly 確切地;由句意“她不但進了比賽,還竟然贏了”可知,此處表示意想不到的結果,用 actually表示“竟然”。


                  27.When Helen saw her tutor nod ________ to her, she calmed down and went on with her performance.

                  A.encouragingly B.amazingly

                  C.interestingly D.accordingly

                  [解析]encouragingly 鼓勵地。句意:當海倫看到導師鼓勵地向她點頭,她平靜下來繼續演出。


                  28.With everything destroyed in the flood, he felt ________ hopeless and killed himself.

                  A.hardly B.luckily

                  C.sincerely D.totally

                  [解析]totally hopeless 完全絕望了。


                  29.—I'm not feeling very well, Barton. To tell you the truth, I'm tired of the present life.

                  —I suggest you do some ________ exercise to keep fit.

                  A.normal B.general

                  C.common D.regular

                  [解析]regular 有規律的,符合句意。general 一般的;common 常見的,共同的;normal 正常的。


                  30.Teachers' Day is a festival based more on the ________ aspect than the material level, and the stress on gifts has caused it to lose its original meaning.

                  A.physical B.moral

                  C.cultural D.spiritual

                  [解析]spiritual 精神的。句意:教師節是一個更多以精神而不是以物質為基礎的節日,并且禮物的壓力已使它喪失了最初的意義。





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                  • 福建商學院2019年高考錄取規則
                    福建商學院2019年高考錄取規則 【對普通文理專業的錄取規則】(一)對文理科類實行按專業志愿出檔方式出檔的省份,按照“分數優先”的原則錄取,即按文化總分排序,從高到低錄取。(二)對文理科類實行按院校志愿出檔方式出檔的省份,第一專 2019-06-37 02:53:37
                  • 寧德師范學院2019年高考錄取規則
                    寧德師范學院2019年高考錄取規則 【專業錄取要求】(一)外語語種要求:英語、商務英語專業只招收英語語種考生,其它專業不限考生的外語語種。非外語專業學生進校后只以英語作為公共基礎外語安排教學。(二)外語成績要求:報考英語、商務英語專業考生須 2019-06-24 02:47:24
                  • 2020年大連海事大學繼續教育學院職業教育特色班就業情況
                    2020年大連海事大學繼續教育學院職業教育特色班就業情況 ▂▄▅就業前瞻三大核心推動就業※ 就業保障▷泓深產業學院 集團聯合各產業專家打造人才孵化平臺▷就業創業中心 集團自主全國性就業、創業服務平臺▷校企合作單位 集團橫跨多領域的各行各業合作伙伴& 2020-04-59 04:55:59
                  • 2020集美大學全日制自考就業情況
                    2020集美大學全日制自考就業情況 畢業生初涉世事,尚未經過社會熔爐的錘煉,但學生在校期間學有一技之長,走向社會必有安身立命之本。大一期間就開設職業生涯規劃課程,讓學生明確長遠目標;職業素養課程貫穿學習的全過程,全面培養職業素質,幫助學生從容應 2020-04-11 04:37:11
                  • 2020年集美大學誠毅學院全日制自考畢業待遇
                    2020年集美大學誠毅學院全日制自考畢業待遇 學生入學后,學校根據各專業開考計劃進行教學安排,組織學生參加每次考試。學生通過國家或省統一組織的考試,成績合格者,將獲得相應主考學校集美大學、華僑大學、閩南師范大學、集美大學誠毅學院和省自考委聯合頒發全國 2020-04-11 05:16:11
                  • 2020年華僑大學全日制自考就業情況
                    2020年華僑大學全日制自考就業情況 通過職業資格和專業技能培養,使學生掌握較好的專業技能,具有較強的動手能力,本項目還高度重視職業導向訓練,對學生進行全面的職業素質培養,幫助學生從容應對職場風云,通過職業職業生涯規劃、就業指導講座、模擬面試等 2020-04-12 03:39:12


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